Just Read It: Or How I Learned To Love The Poem

There is definitely poetry out there for everyone! 😉



April is National Poetry Month. I am not a poetry reader. So in honor of NPM, I decided to branch outside of my comfort zone a little and see if there really is poetry out there for everyone (I heard a rumor that there is)! Before I dove in, however, I decided to talk to my good friend, Louisa Spaventa, who also has an MA in Creative Writing/English from UT and teaches composition and an honors class, Queer Writings, at Austin Community College, to get her perspective on poetry and find out where her love of it comes from.

What made you want to major in poetry in college?

It really was because of my love of words. I like to repeat words, look up new words, I like the way they sound. And I like the way the words can connect you to something. I had several experiences in college…

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